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Besides searching individual names of subjects, which can be found with Google, Yahoo and other search engines, you can link to the following. Use your back button to return to this list of links.

Animals list, Bowdoin College

Aquatext -- a site full of info, and some fun, too

Crabs (eNature)

Fiddler Crab, watch it move

Index by Scientific Names

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole (MA)

Marine and Coastal Species Information

Museum of Comparitive Zoology (Harvard)

Mystery Organism Quiz

National Marine Sanctuaries

National Marine Sanctuaries Photo Gallery

NOAA's Ark -- NOAA's Home Page

NOS photo gallery

Rhode Island Coastal Environments

Seashell Identification Guide

Sea Stars

Sponges, Introduction to Porifera

Welcome to My Sponge Page (a great site by an elementary school pupil in Newfoundland)

Wormlike Animals (eNature)

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