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 Around Cape Cod with Cap'n Goody is the latest edition of an original Cape Cod's children's favorite, first published in 1965, It was chosen among children's classics for Reading Aloud, WGBH radio's popular Saturday program for children.


"I strongly recommend this book for anyone under 10 years of age. I am also sure that many older people will learn a great deal about whaling, Cape Cod and the sea from this volume. . . ."
-- Edward Rowe Snow, dean of New England historical writers.

"Giambarba manages to write for children awfully well because . . . he has an enthusiasm rare among successful authors, which is captured in these books. . . . The author produces high-quality, well-illustrated, edited and printed books for children . . . at realistic prices."
-- Richard McDonough, The Boston Sunday Herald.

"Some of the biggest bargains to be found on Cape Cod . . . are books by Paul Giambarba."
-- The Cape Codder.


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